General Description


Hirbodniroo Company has been established in 2005 as a EPC contractor.

Localization of Project Management in all respects inclusive of time management, human resource management, financial management, construction management, quality management etc.  , is our main target.

We are looking forward to being a specialist company with high level of knowledge in Project Management. 

Due to many job opportunities on Oil & Gas , Petrochemical and Power Plant projects available for us , we are making endeavor to be a capable General Contractor (GC) providing best services for employers and entering in global markets.

Paying attention to this target, acquiring modern technology and also commitment to customers need, have resulted a speedy promotion for our company in recent 3 years and with developing our facilities and capabilities, we have been able to increase our current projects.

This is our honor to announce the value of our accomplished and current project is 130 mm USD.

We continue to chase new and exciting opportunities ,leaving in our wake a trail of jobs done well

 Managing Directors

Maham Momeni   


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